LSD Experiment #1: The Results

27. November 2015
I fudged up, guys. I fudged up bad. I told you that I would be providing regular updates as to how my LSD habit experiment is going, and here we are at the end of it and I’ve only given one measly update. I was so caught up in sharing my perspective on early retirement ...

How I’ll be Able to Retire Before I Turn 35

17. November 2015
How I’ll be Able to Retire Before I Turn 35
Up until now I’ve claimed that I’ll be able to retire by 35, and pretty much asked that you take my word for it. Some of you are  decent people who will take a man at his word. Others of you are ruthless savages who demand that I back up my unconventional statements with “objective ...

Why I Want to Retire Early

01. November 2015
Why I Want to Retire Early
Back in my introductory post when I mentioned that I wanted to retire before I turned 35, I’m nearly certain that the general response was: “This rat bastard is out of his mind! The average retirement age is 65. Why does he think he can retire 30 years earlier than average? This asshole must think ...

LSD Experiment #1: Update

27. October 2015
My first week back in the meditation game went as you might have expected – perfectly. I achieved enlightenment after the first session and only left my state of Nirvana to pound out this blog post. Watch out Dali Lama, Markie’s on the prowl! Sorry for wasting your time with that nonsense. I haven’t blogged ...