LSD Experiment #6: Sleep Champion

03. January 2017

Taking a cue from my recent Simplicity Series article on sleep, I’m going to determine once and for all what strategies work best in my quest to catch all the z’s. Its not without butterflies that I embark upon my longest LSD trip experiment to date. Because of the multitude of approaches and tools that I’d like to investigate, LSD Experiment #6 is going to be made up of eight micro-experiments.

“Eight micro-experiments in one LSD?! You’ll never make it!”

Shut your imaginary mouth and listen to the variables I’m going to test the hell out of:

  1. Using a sleep mask
  2. Using ear plugs
  3. Using a sleep mask and ear plugs
  4. Not consuming calories within 2 hours of going to bed
  5. Ditching caffeine
  6. Drinking herbal tea within an hour of going to bed
  7. Reading to the point of falling asleep
  8. Not looking at screens within an hour of going to bed

At the conclusion of LSD Experiment #6, I’m going to combine the strategies that improved my sleep quality in an effort to find the formula that makes me the undisputed sleep champion of the world. Think you can out-sleep me? Maybe in your dreams. 😉

The plan is to dedicate seven days to each micro-experiment in additional to spending a week establishing a benchmark of where my sleep quality currently stands, so we’re looking at 2+ months of grueling experimentation. By the end of this madness, I’ll know how Army Rangers feel. Except Ranger School is only 61 days so technically I’m tougher. Facts are facts.

While I’ll do my best to isolate the variables being tested, I’m not going to be living in a lab for nine weeks. The world needs me on the streets. So I’ll be forced to deviate from the scientific method in the following ways:

  • I travel often – I won’t be sleeping in the same city, state, and bed every night.
  • My weekends look slightly different from my weekdays. Certain things may bring noise to the experiment: alcohol consumption, bedtime, and waking time.
  • My diet fluctuates a bit from day to day. Some days I eat meat. Other days I don’t. Some days I eat sugar. Other days I’m angry.

Measuring sleep quality is an oft-debated topic and one in which all the big wearable-device players have invested heavily in. After doing the necessary research, I’m going to use the Jawbone UP3 to measure my sleep. This is a wearable device that uses sensors and witchcraft to track how good of a sleeper I am. The nightly Sleep Score that it outputs will be the sole metric I use to quantify the results of each micro-experiment. I just won an ebay auction for one of these bad boys so the experiment will begin as soon as it arrives.

Mastering sleep will have a profound affect on damn near every area of my life, so yeah, you can say I’m excited to kick this thing off. Sleeping well is desirable enough if only to eliminate the stress associated with restless nights. But the ancillary benefits of optimized sleep are what have me itching to get started. Increased energy, mental capacity, friendliness, and longevity are a few of the rewards I’m looking forward to.

2 thoughts on “LSD Experiment #6: Sleep Champion”

  • 1
    Sabrina on January 4, 2017 Reply

    You should also experiment with essential oils (Lavender or a sleep blend) , I diffuse them every night in our bedroom, and they are small enough to travel with!! I am very interested in this one so do a good job 😉

    • 2
      Markie on January 4, 2017 Reply

      Essential oils – why didn’t I think of that?!

      I should have mentioned in the article that I reserve the right to modify or add to the experiment at any time. But I love this suggestion and will definitely tie it in.

      I won’t let you down, Sabrina!!

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