LSD Experiment #5: The Results

11. August 2016

I’m psyched with the results of pexels-photo-29832-largeLSD Experiment #5. More psyched than I’ve been with the results of any of the other experiments I’ve carried out. And that’s significant because I’ve incorporated nutrition tracking, meditation, gratitude journaling, and yoga into my life based on the outcome of prior experiments.

Morning training has a unique quality that is particularly interesting to me. With the other experiments, I brought something completely new into my life. Of course I was familiar with meditation, yoga, and the other subjects, but I had never practiced them with any regularity. Training is different – its been a priority of mine and part of my life for the last ten years. So, LSD Experiment #5 wasn’t introducing a new practice, but instead modifying an existing one.

For that reason, I’m better able to understand the results of this experiment. I have a decade worth of experience that I can compare the last month of experimentation with. I simply have a lot more data to work with than I have had with any other experiment.

Let’s consider LSD Experiment #1. Sure, meditation made me feel mentally recharged and focused, but compared to what? Not meditating? That’s to be expected, right? These results are different. The results that morning training yielded are compared to the results of years of non-morning training. Let’s have look.

The Results

  1. Higher intensity training

Prepare to be underwhelmed. I didn’t notice any significant change in the intensity of my training. I feel that mornings and evenings both have advantages and disadvantages with regards to promoting intensity. In the morning, you’re theoretically at max energy because you haven’t been able to spend it anywhere else. However, you’re sleepiness might make it difficult to tap into that energy. In the evening, your energy levels are somewhat depleted, yet you’re mentally and physically primed to tap into whatever energy you have left.

For Mark, this was a wash.

2. No excuse for missing a session

This was the biggest win for LSD Experiment #5. As it turns out, I overcame my natural cowardice and did not miss any of my schedule sessions. Morning Mark is one one tough mother fucker!

Scheduling my training for a time where no legitimate conflicts can occur worked extremely well for me. This is reason enough for me to continue training in the morning going forward.

3. Boosts energy and creative process

I’ve kicked weekday mornings’ ass throughout the experiment. Focusing on my work came naturally and my critical and creative thinking levels were high. The morning training provided me with mental and physical energy that lasted the better part of morning. This was made obvious by me routinely pushing off any caffeine intake to the afternoon. I did find myself getting tired a touch earlier in the evenings though, which caused my bedtime to move forward about thirty minutes. No complaints here!

4. Looking-glass self

This expectation was only half-serious. And thus, the results were only half-realized. I did find myself feeling part of the morning training community at the gym I go to. Most of my fellow morning trainers seemed to be in a pretty good shape so maybe I have started comparing myself to them and thinking that I’m doing okay. Nothing significant in this regard though.

5. More hours to be productive

Another one of the huge benefits of morning training for me. I love having my weekday evenings wide open. Here’s where my time was spent:

  • I cooked more elaborate meals more often. My girlfriend and I started planning our dinners for the week on Sundays knowing that we’d have the time to make some good shit. I should mention that she is a morning trainer as well. She’s always been one though. Show off.
  • I pursued a business idea more seriously than I’ve pursued such ideas in the past. Watch out, Zuckerberg.
  • I read and wrote quite a bit. I’m going through novels like its my job (if you’re interested in getting my reading list, drop me a note). I know the frequency at which I’ve been publishing articles for this blog doesn’t suggest that I’ve been writing more, but I’ve got a few things in the works. Mind your own business, asshole.
  • I’ve committed to more social things during the week. Sometimes these things counteract my training, but its better than replacing my training. Also, sometimes these things compliment my training. For example, I’ve joined a second volleyball league and have subbed for friends’ teams more often too! Jokes on them, I’m not even good at volleyball! Classic.

The Verdict

Training in the morning is hands down the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked. That’s from a movie. I’m not sure what dope is. Its crack isn’t it? Or is that smack? Well then what’s blow? In any case, morning training is staying in my life. Maybe that will change when its dark and cold in the morning, but it won’t. I’m not scared of the dark. I’m scared of heights.

There is actually one negative associated with training in the morning: delayed breakfast. I recently came across a meme or a tweet or an Instasnapgram that said “I like sleep because its a time machine to breakfast.” While this is brilliant, its not the case for Markie anymore because I can’t eat before training; I might get an upset tummy. So now I wake up hungry and have to wait an hour or so until I can eat. That’s some bullshit. But alas, that bullshit is greatly out-weighed by the benefits associated with morning training. Morning training is here to stay!

2 thoughts on “LSD Experiment #5: The Results”

  • 1
    Drew on September 26, 2016 Reply

    Amen to the morning training – although even after 2 years I still “negotiate” with myself each morning to try and stay in bed! I drink my protein shake little by little during my workout so my stomach doesn’t get full, but I’m not starving. Worth trying for you as well, no reason to be hangry during your workout.

    • 2
      Markie on September 26, 2016 Reply

      Haha – I’ve come to terms with the fact that the sleep vs. train negotiation is never going to end!

      I’m absolutely going to give the mid-workout protein shake a try. Thanks for the recommendation, brother!

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