LSD Experiment #1: Update

27. October 2015
My first week back in the meditation game went as you might have expected – perfectly. I achieved enlightenment after the first session and only left my state of Nirvana to pound out this blog post. Watch out Dali Lama, Markie’s on the prowl! Sorry for wasting your time with that nonsense. I haven’t blogged ...

LSD Experiment #1: Morning Meditation

19. October 2015
LSD Experiment #1: Morning Meditation
While it may do wonders for the readership of this blog, I will (probably) not be experimenting with acid or any other hallucinogenic drugs. LSD is simply the acronym that I’m going to use for ‘Lifestyle Design’. I don’t give a rat’s ass if lifestyle is one word – my blog, my rules. As I ...

Get a Load of this Guy

06. October 2015
The purpose of the first post was to introduce the content of the blog. The purpose of this post is similar but couldn’t be more different. I’m going to use it to introduce myself! I don’t want you all investing too much of your time with The Deliberate Lifestyle before you get to know the ...